Legate is a rank given to a member of the Cardassian Central Command or a high-ranking member of the Cardassian Guard. Its roughly equivalent to Admiral in the Federation Starfleet. In the Cardassian Guard, legate is a superior rank to a jagul.

It is possible that this rank is affected by the old roman rank of legatus, anglicized to legate. A legatus was a deputy to a general or governor, and the commander of a legion was known as a legatus legionis. “Legate” is also a diplomatic title used by the Vatican. It has also been suggested that legates are civilian, but no Cardassian legate has been seen who wasn’t in the military. Legates do fulfill governmental duties, but in the Cardassian Union the military is the government.

Known Legates Edit

Enlisted ranks Commissioned ranks Flag ranks

Cardassian gorr garresh gil glinn dalin dal gul jagul legate

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