The Jupiter 2 was the name of a Human Spacecraft, originally launched on October 16th, 1997 (or September 18th 1997, according to one episode). The ship was a spaceship designed and constructed by the United Global Space Force.  It was crewed by the Robinson Family,Major Don West, and The Robot. A man named Dr. Zachary Smith stowed away aboard the ship and attempted sabotage, and as a result she ship went off course, through a meteor storm, and into a space warp. The Jupiter 2 found itself stranded far off in space, effectively Lost in Space. the spacecraft was saucer shaped, with 2 decks (in one episode 3 decks, the third containing the mysterious power core). the upper level contains a fantastic guidance system, freezing tubes to put the family in a state of suspended animation, the flight controls, and the elevator and ladder to the lower deck. The lower deck contains the living quarters and laboratory and galley facilitys a the ship was powered by deutronium, an extremely powerful form of atomic fuel.