Jimmy Hapgood was an astronaut from Earth  and a character In the Lost in Space universe.


He received a hyperwave radio signal sent out by Will Robinson and decided to followed it. He progamed in the signals coordinates into his ships computer and then proceeded to do a Hyperspace jump, this eventually led Jimmy to the planet on which the Jupiter 2 was marooned which ended up being on the other side of the Milky Way galaxy.

Hapgood was launched into space on June 18, 1982. (June 18, 2042 in the remake) His original mission was to explore Saturn, but he lost his way (implicitly, by his own design). Since then, Hapgood planet-hopped throughout the Solar System and later the Milky Way galaxy in his ship, which he called the "S.S. Traveling Man". He was a likeable, but cool, country boy astronaut who enjoyed a smoke from his corn-cob pipe. Hapgood left a graffito carved with his laser gun on every planet he visited; the tag he left on Priplanus was his 91st.

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