Invasion of the Bane is the first episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures which aired on January 1, 2007.

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Quotes Edit

  • Sarah Jane: And it's...Mrs. Wormwood?
  • Mrs. Wormwood: That's correct.
  • Sarah Jane: As a matter of fact that's in the Bible, Wormwood. The Book of Revelations. At the end of the world, it describes a star falling to Earth and poisoning the waters. A star called Wormwood.
  • Mrs. Wormwood: Fascinating. Shall we move on to business?
  • Sarah Jane: I've got contacts in the city. They said it was like this company dropped in from nowhere, and normally it takes years of tests to get approval from the EU to market a new food stuff. You got it in two weeks.
  • Mrs. Wormwood: All we're doing is satisfying a need.
  • Sarah Jane: Which is?
  • Mrs. Wormwood: The people are hungry, Miss Smith, for new food, new drinks, new tastes. All the western world does is eat. All day, everyday: Eating. They gorge and fest and chew and bite everything sweet and hot and cold and sticky food and drink. Just food and drink. That's the human race: They devourer. Who are we to deny them?

  • Mrs. Wormwood: Drink Bubble Shock! Miss Smith. Drink deep.
  • Sarah Jane: Mrs. Wormwood, I'd rather die.
  • Mrs. Wormwood: Well, we can't have that, can we?
  • Sarah Jane: But those scientists, they said that Bane behaves very oddly when they try to test it, as if it's resisting the analysis. And nothing could do that, at least...nothing on Earth.
  • Mrs. Wormwood: What exactly are you suggesting, Miss Smith? That Bane originated in outer space?
  • Sarah Jane: Of course not. That would be ridiculous.
  • Mrs. Wormwood: Wouldn't it, though?

  • Sarah Jane: Oh and by the way, what planet do you come from?
  • Mrs. Wormwood: Nice try.

  • Mrs. Wormwood: Find that woman, and this time, kill her properly!

  • Kelsey: Get that thing away from me!
  • Davey: She is not the thing! You are the thing! She is my mother. The mother of us all.

  • Maria: We should be safe here for a bit. One place men never go. Sorry for draging you into the ladies.
  • Luke: Why do men never go to the ladies?

  • Mrs. Wormwood: Until the next time...Miss Smith!

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