Ice Warrior
Type: reptilian humanoid
Civilization Classification: {{{civclass}}}


Homeworld: Mars
Universe: Doctor Who

The Ice Warriors and Ice Lords are a race of reptilian humanoids from Mars. They have a strong sense of duty and have attempted to invade both Earth and Peladon several times. They need a cold climate to survive and can't stand heat. (The Ice Warriors, The Seeds of Death, The Curse of Peladon, The Monster of Peladon)

The Ice Warriors teamed up with other races from time to time, joining Sil, a Mentor, to try and take over Magnus and also the Daleks. (Mission to Magnus, GodEngine)

In 2086, the Ice Warriors propelled an asteroid to Earth and it crushed the city of Paris. This sparked the Thousand Day War between Humans and Ice Warriors and resulted in a Human victory in 2088. (GodEngine, The Dying Days)

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