IG-88A was one of the four identical IG-88 assassin droids who shared a common goal to congure the galaxy. Like his three brothers, IG-88A became a bounty hunter.

Plot on Mechis III Edit

Of the four droids, IG-88A was the more scheming. He mastermined a plot that would turn all droids created on the world of Mechis III into his followers. Theis plan failer, however, and IG-88A moved on to a bigger scheme.

Taking control of the second Death Star Edit

Making himself into a living superweapon, IG-88A downloaded his consciousness into the computer core of the Death Star II. However, IG-88A was destroyed when the battle station exploded above the moon of Endor.

Death Edit

IG-88A was destroyed when Death Star II blew up. His body was found by a wealthy family and reprogramed into a bodyguard droid.

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