Guild Heighliner

A Heighliner above Caladan.

"Yes, they're big.We'll be riding a Heighliner because it's a long trip. A Heighliner is truly big. Its hold will tuck all our frigates and transports into a little corner-we'll be just a small part of the ship's manifest."

- Duke Leto Atreides

A Heighliner is the major cargo carrier of and the largest ship in the Spacing Guild's transportation system. It is very expensive to use the Heighliner so passengers don't dare do anything that might indanger their shipping privileges.

The Heighliner is so massive that an entire planet's population can fit inside of it. The Heighliner travels between planets and takes on passengers and ships.


Another Heighliner entering fold space.

The massive spaceship is piloted by a Guild Navigator who looks over a holographic map of the known Universe. He selects two planets(the one the Heighliner is above and its next stop). Through the technology of fold-space, the ship teleports from one planet to another.

A Guild Heighliner cannot land on a planet!


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