General is a rank used by many military services including the Bajoran Militia, Andorian Imperial Guard, United States Army, MACOs, and Klingon Defense Force. It is often broken up into several grades and is usually the most senior officer rank in ground forces. In comparison to naval ranks it is equal to admiral. It is usually subordinate to the rank of marshall.

Known Generals Edit

Andorian Edit

Annari Edit

Bajoran Edit

Danteri Edit

Denari Edit

Klaestron Edit

Klingon Edit


Mexican Edit

Other Edit

Palamarian Edit

Romulan Edit

Tezwan Edit

United States Edit

Union Army Edit

US Army Edit

Enlisted ranks Commissioned ranks Flag ranks

Andorian Lt Cdr Cpt Gen

Bajoran Dep, Tech, Nurse 2Lt 1Lt Cpt Maj FCol Col Gen

Klingon Bekk Ldr QD Ens Lt Cdr Capt/Col Brig MGen Adm/Gen

Romulan Uhlan Dec Sub Lt Lt Ant Cent Cent SCdr Cdr Cdr Gen Gen
Tal Shiar Maj Col Adm
US Army Pvt Cpl Sgt 2Lt 1Lt Cpt Maj LtCol Col BG MG LtG Gen

USAF Amn SSgt MSgt 2Lt 1Lt Cpt Maj LtCol Col BG MG LtG Gen

USMC Pvt Cpl Ggt 2Lt 1Lt Cpt Maj LtCol Col BG MG LtG Gen

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