Family of Blood
Type: gaseous, incorporeal group mind
Civilization Classification: {{{civclass}}}


Human hosts
Homeworld: unknown
Universe: Doctor Who

The Family of Blood, also simply called The Family, were a group of four gaesous beings that made up a family of hunters.

They went through different shapes very fast because they needed forms, otherwise they existed as a green, thick gas. To have a form, they were kept in small rectagle-shaped devices. They could possess Human beings to take a form, consuming the person's mind. The Family's lifespan was three months.

The Family could telepathically communicate with each other. They were hunters and sniffed out their prey, following the prey until it was obtained. The Family referred to each other by their title, having the "Son of Mine", "Wife of Mine", "Sister of Mine", and so on.

The Family possessed an interstellar spaceship. They had no access to time travel. It is unknown if these four beings were the only members of their race or if the Family of Blood is made up of many families.

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