The Face of Boe was a male Boekind who outwardly appeared as a giant head. He was also capable of communicating but only through telepathy. He was also one of the oldest known beings in the known universe.

It is said that he is billions of years old around the time of the Ninth Doctor and Tenth Doctor.

He appears in three episode of Dr Who Series One - The End of the World Series two - New Earth (episode) Third Series - Gridlock

In Gridlock the Face of Boe makes what is expected to be his final appearance. He has been powering the motorway of the city of New New York for many years, and this has drained much of his life force. After saving the day, the Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones hear the Face of Boe's dying words, fulfilling his prophecy.

He passes away in Gridlock.

The Face of Boe reveals !!SPOILER!!

That the Doctor is not alone

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