The ECS Fortunate was a y-class freighter from the 22nd century under the authority of the Earth Cargo Service. It was under the command of Captain Keene and with Matthew Ryan as the first officer(before 2151).

The Fortunate had been operated by the Keene family for three generations. In a discussion with Captain Jonathan Archer, of the Enterprise (NX-01), Captain Keene said that with the advent of faster engines he would have to upgrade to a warp three engine at least so that he could stay in business.

During several months throughout 2151 the Fortunate was attacked by Nausicaan pirates, who wanted to steal the ships cargo. During one attack in which the Fortunate was damaged and Keene was injured a Nausicaan was captured. After Keene's injury Ryan led a mission of revenge against the Nausicaans which led to his demotion.

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