Gul Dolak in 2368

Gul Dolak was a Cardassian military officer who served in Cardassian Militia 41.

In 2368, Dolak’s starship intercepted the USS Enterprise-D in the Demilitarized Zone. He claimed that the vessel they were escorting was carrying Bajoran terrorists. When the Enterprise moved away from the ship, Dolak destroyed it. Fortunately the vessel was being remote controlled and no lives were lost. Dolak had been part of a conspiracy to con the Federation into helping the Cardassian Union destroy Bajoran freedom fighters. He had managed to convince Admiral Kennelly that the Bajorans were attacking the Federation, when it was really the Cardassians who had been doing it.

In 2370 Dolak appeared on a wanted poster in Odo’s office.

Dolak was played by actor Frank Collison.

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