Deus Ex Machina is the God of the machines of Zero-One, leading them against the humans to take over Earth. Deus rules the machines, but is not to be confused with Queen Machina who ruled the Machine Empire.

Appearance Edit

Deus Ex Machina is a large computer with spikes outlining it. It resembles a mirror. When it needs to speak, Deus will release small, buzzing machines to fly in front of the mirror and form a face. It speaks in a loud voice and tends to get easily angry.

History Edit

For as long as the machines havce fought against the humans, the humans knew nothing of Deus and its role as leader of the machines. When the program Agent Smith got out of control, Neo came to Deus to offer help, as Smith was a treat to both humans and machines. If Neo beat him, the machines would present peace to the humans. Neo won, and Deus Ex Machine called back the Sentinels that were attacking Zion.

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