The first dreaded Death Star.

Construction of the Death Star

Construction of the Death Star above Despayre.


The Death Star's superlaser.

Deathstar and Alderann

The Death Star approaching Alderaan.

The Death Star was a superweapon created by the Galactic Empire, with a superlaser capable of destroying a planet. It was used to bring about the end of Alderaan, and nearly destroyed Yavin IV, but was blown up in an assault by the Rebel Alliance.


19 BBY: Construction is completed on the Death Star I.

0 BBY: Battle of Yavin occurs. Death Star is destroyed in the conflict.


Unless otherwise stated, all details in this section are from page 17 of the Death Star Technical Companion.[1]

  • Diameter: 120 km
  • Crew:
    Standard: 265,675
    Skeleton: 56,914
  • Passengers:
    Troops: 607,360
    Stormtroopers: 25,984
    Starship Support Staff: 42,782
    Support ship pilots and crew: 167,216

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