The first dreaded Deat Star.

A Death Star was a moon-sized battle station armed with a superlaser capable of destroying planets. These stations were built by the Galactic Empire.

First Death StarEdit

Main Article: Death Star I

The first Death Star was constructed in the early days of the Empire. It was used to destroy Alderaan, and in a failed attack on Yavin 4. It was during this attack that the station was destroyed by the Rebel Alliance.

Second Death StarEdit

Main Article: Death Star II

The second Death Star was being constructed in orbit of the forest moon of Endor. It never finished being constructed, as Rebels were able to destroy it before it was completed.


Mandarks lab

Mandark's laboratory.

Mandark included a Death Star in his massive laboratory. What its purpose was, and how it came to be there, are unknown. It was later destroyed along with the rest of the lab by Dee Dee. ("Dexter's Lab")

Scammers' Death StarsEdit

Remote-controlled solid gold Death Star

In the 31st Century, after Earth was taken over by an internet scam, the aliens who had originated the scam blew all of Earth's money on a fleet of Remote-Controlled Golden Death Stars, which they used to defend the planet. ("Futurama")

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