Dalek Sec

Dalek Sec flying with the invasion force.

Dalek Sec is a Black Dalek that is known as the head of the Cult of Skaro.

He was the Dalek who lead the invasion force of millions of Daleks upon 21st Century Earth. Dalek Sec lead the Cult to take the Genesis Ark and escape the effects of the Time War in a Void Ship.

When the Doctor opened the Void, sucking in all the daleks and cybermen into the Void, Dalek Sec activated an emergency temporal shift and disappeared.

Dalek Sec appears finally in the Third Series, in a two part story with the Tenth Doctor leading the Cult of Skaro in a bid to recreate the Dalek race in human form. He evolves himself as part of an experiment by engulfing the body of a human. This however leads to him developing compassion and other human feelings. He is betrayed by the Cult of Skaro and killed by them towards the end of the episode Evolution of the Daleks

Appearances Edit

Dalek Sec has appeared in four episodes of The Tenth Doctor (David Tennant). These are...