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The Dalek Empire was an time and space-spanning empire formed by the Daleks at unknown period in their history though presumably after they managed to enter space from their homeworld, Skaro. They would later attempt to expand throughout all time, by the use of time travel.



The Empire was formed during unknown period in Dalek history, presumably after venturing into space from their home planet of Skaro.

Previous to the Last Great Time WarEdit

As always, time travel makes the sequence of events here conjectural.

The Daleks would later seek to expand their empire into all of history as well, using time travel. It still centred itself around Skaro.

During the Imperial-Renegade Dalek Civil War, the Empire broke into a faction known as the Imperial Daleks, loyal to Davros (now calling himself the Emperor) and another, the Renegade Daleks, loyal to the Supreme Dalek. Even as they waged war with each other, the Doctor seemed to have opposed and defeated both factions.

The Dalek Prime and Davros survived the war and encountered one another once more during a decline in Dalek pervasiveness throughout the galaxy. Davros was again defeated and the Dalek Prime set about rebuilding the Empire.

Last Great Time War and aftermathEdit

United and re-unified once more, the Daleks, including Davros and the Dalek Emperor fought the Time Lords.

See Last Great Time War

Though the lone Time Lord survivor, the Doctor, remained unaware of this, as the Emperor survived and build up a new army of Daleks from Human genetic material. Later, Dalek Caan rescued Davros from the Last Great Time War in an attempt to recreate the Empire. The result was the New Dalek Empire. Following the destruction of this empire, the survivors located a Progenitor device, and tricked the Doctor into verifying them as Daleks. The device then created five new Daleks, who destroyed their forebears and escaped through a Time corridor. Following their escape, the new Daleks discovered the lost Time Lord artefact, the Eye of Time, allowing them to alter time as they saw fit. The Daleks returned to Skaro, rebuilt their capital city of Kaalann, appointed a new Emperor, and begun rebuilding their Empire. One of the Empire's' first acts with their new found power over time was to invade Earth in 1963. In this new timeline, they succeeded in killing every member of the human race. However, the Doctor and Amy Pond successfully undid these events, leaving Earth unconquered and erasing the new empire from existence.

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