The Dalek Emperor is the supreme ruler of the Dalek Empire:commanding the Dalek race and the planet Skaro. There have been four Emperors.

The First Dalek Emperor Edit

The Dalek Emperor6

The first Emperor of the Daleks.

Before the last of the Kaleds died, a special casing had been built for the Emperor of the new race called the Daleks. The first Dalek Emperor was short, had a large sphereoid head, and was made of gold.

The dalek emperor3

The second Dalek Emperor.

The Second Dalek Emperor Edit

It is unknown wether the Emperor died and a new Dalek became Emperor, or if the Emperor had a new casing built, but there was a second look to the Dalek Emperor when the Doctor encountered him on Skaro.

In the Dalek Command Center, the Emperor was placed on a landing and had wires hooked up to him and the corner he was in. He couldn't move and had no arms but was slightly taller than the other Daleks. When civil war broke out between the Daleks, the Emperor was thought to be killed, but its eye-piece glowed, showing signs of life remaining.

The dalek emperor7 (2)

The third Emperor(really Davros).

The Third Emperor Edit

When the Daleks turned against their creator, Davros, he created the Imperial Daleks who would only be loyal to him. To fool the other Daleks, Davros disguised himself as the new Emperor. He was found out however and the Daleks destroyed him and the Imperial Daleks.

The dalek emperor4 (2)

The fourth Emperor.

The Fourth Dalek Emperor Edit

"I reached into the dirt and made new life. I am the God of all Daleks!"

Although the Dalek race died in the Time War, the ship of the Dalek Emperor survived, and fell through time, crippled. The Emperor rebuilt itself, waiting for centuries and quietly infiltrating Earth to harvest the waste of humanity: prisoners, refugees; it created an army of Daleks out of dead humans, making the new Dalek race half-human. The Dalek became their Emperor. Having recreated the Daleks, the Emperor considered itself the God of all Daleks, and they worshiped him.

This was the largest Emperor of the Daleks. It was unable to move. Built on a large tripod-like design, the Dalek mutant itself was held in a tank of liguid. In place of a manipulator arm and gun, the Emperor had two grasper arms.

The Emperor and his new Daleks almost destroyed Earth but all were turned to dust by the Time Vortex at the hands of Rose Tyler.

The Supreme Dalek Edit

On several occasions, the Daleks were without an Emperor and took their orders from a black dalek called the Dalek Supreme. Later, when the Daleks were once again ruled by Emperors, the Supreme Daleks became commanders of Dalek ships, bases, and were leaders of missions.

Time and Locations Edit

  • First Emperor-
  • Third Emperor-

Appearances of the Emperors Edit

The Second Doctor(Patrick Troughton)

The Seventh Doctor(Sylvester McCoy)

The Ninth Doctor(Christopher Eccleston)

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