Genesis Daleks
Type: Kaled mutant in casing
Civilization Classification: Type IV


Homeworld: Skaro
Universe: Doctor Who

The Daleks are an evil race of mutants from the planet Skaro that are known to be the greatest adversaries of the Time Lords. They have made many attempts to conqure the universe in the name of the Dalek Empire. The Daleks are also one of the most advanced races in the universe, and the most hated and feared.

Davros Edit


Davros, the creator of the Daleks.

The Daleks were created by the mastermind of Davros. He was of the Kaleds and served as their head scientist, figuring out a way to end their war with the Thals. Using the Kaleds who were mutated by Thal weapons, Davros committed experimentations. He removed all emotion, all moral judgment, all sense of right and wrong from the mutants.

He then developed the Mark III Travel Machine. The Mutants would be installed into the machines and they would later be called "Daleks".

History of the Daleks Edit

See Dalek History.

The Daleks are one of the few races that have had the most fascinating history throughout the time of their existence. From their creation on Skaro, through various civil wars to their apparent destruction in the last great time war, they have had an undeniable impact on the universe, creating one of the largest empires in history.

Developments Edit

The Daleks have evolved quite well over time and have made excellent strives to take over the universe. They have done nothing but advance with their technology. Their developments include...

When first created Edit

  • The Daleks resemble large pepper shakers, with a grasper arm and gun.
  • Davros programed them to destroy the Thals. Though this appeared successful, they would later take over a Dalek city assisted by the First Doctor.
  • A Dalek sends orders to a factory to create more Travel Machines, but the mutants that would fill them were destroyed by the Fourth Doctor.

Escaping Skaro Edit

  • They were able to create great machines and computers and build their flying saucers. The Daleks created technology that they could manipulate with their arms.
  • At first, and could only move on the electric sidewalks of the Dalek City on Skaro.
  • Then, the Daleks could move anywhere. They installed a disc on their back to allow more movement.

During the Dalek Civil War Edit

Flying Imperial Dalek

An Imperial Dalek "climbs" the stairs.

  • The Daleks gained the ability to hover above ground and could now "climb" staircases.
  • Davros' Imperial Daleks could reproduce and multiply by installing mutated heads into Dalek casings. His Imperial Daleks could self-destruct as well.

During the Time War Edit

(Some of these advancments might have happened before or after the Time War.)

The Daleks' greatest advancment took place during the Great Time War.

Dalek regenerates itself

A Dalek regenerates itself.

  • They've adapted the use of Background Radiation as their power source. if a damaged Dalek comes into contact with this radiation, then meets another source of power, it will immediantly be restored to full health.
Dalek vision

The vision of a Dalek.

  • Their eyes can see far distances and their torsos can revolve in a complete circle.

A Dalek uses a data pad.

  • Their manipulator arms can be used to sufficate a person and to download information from computers; it is not known if earlier Daleks had this ability or not. (The Cult of Skaro was able to extract brain waves from person, killing them in the process. It is unknown if all Daleks are capable of this or just them.)
Dalek shield

Bullets fired at a Dalek melt away.

  • Dalek casings now have shields that melt bullets.(This shield also protects them from lasers, but the lasers fired at them were of the Cybermen from Pete's World. Captain Jack Harkness turned a defabricator into a laser, which destroyed a Dalek, but it was caused by being in TARDIS.)
Dalek Invasion Force

Daleks fly through space.

  • The Daleks still have the ability to hover above ground, though now they can actually fly in a planet's atmosphere. They still use their flying saucers, but can now fly through the vacuum of space as well, with no damage done.

Variants Edit

Appearances Edit

The Daleks have appeared in the following episodes of Doctor Who...