The Centurions.

The Cylon Centurion is the most commonly known Cylon of the entire Empire. It is because the Cylon Centurions form the army of the Cylon Empire and are the most dangerous Cylons.

History Edit


A Cylon Centurion.

War with the Colonies Edit

The Cylon Centurions, like all Cylons, were created by the humans of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol. When the Cylons revolted, the Centurions made up the infantry of what became the Cylon Empire.

Cylonii (2)

The new Centurion.

40 years later Edit

When the no one had heard from the Cylons for 40 years, they attacked. The Centurions showed themselves to have a new, improved form. Looking similar to Super Battle Droids, Centurions have a more slender body and they no longer carry blasters but have machine guns attached to their wrists.

These new Cylons are without a Cylon Commander and cannot be uploaded into a new mechanical body if destroyed.

Weapons Edit


Centurions attacking.

When the Centurions attack the Colonials for the first time, they carried rifles and swords with which to do battle.


The new Centurion's claws and wrist-guns.

The improved Centurions attack with machine guns attached to their wrists and with clawed fingers.

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