The Cybernetic Leader (a.k.a. Supreme Brain) is a rebellious being and the supreme ruler of the Kingdom of Cybernetics on the Automated Planet, where he rules over a society of free robots from all over the galaxy.

A picture of the Lost in Space character known as Cybernetic leader

The Leader and his loyal subjects consider cybernetic life superior, and believe that organic life is suitable for manual labor only. While presumably robotic in nature, the Leader's appearance is that of an inflated amorphous mass with numerous short tendrils.


  • Lost in Space - S02E03 - "The Ghost Planet"


  • While the origins of this creature have not been revealed, other beings identical to him have been observed twice in the series: one was a member of jury in the Galactic Tribunal of Justice, as seen in "The Prisoners of Space"; the other was one of the robotic servants of the Dranconians, as seen in "Cave of the Wizards".

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