Corat Damar
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Race: Cardassian
Homeworld: Cardassia Prime
Universe: Star Trek
Actor: Casey Biggs

Corat Damar was a Cardassian military officer, who served under Gul Dukat and replaced him as the leader of the Cardassian Union, under the Dominion. Eventually, he began to see what the Dominion really was and became leader of the Cardassian Rebellion. He was killed in 2375 during an assault on Dominion Headquarters.

Career serving with Dukat Edit

In 2372, he held the rank of Glinn and served under Gul Dukat aboard the freighter Groumall, after Dukat had been disgraced for rescuing his illegitimate half-Bajoran daughter, Tora Ziyal. He and the rest of the Groumall’s crew were transported to a Klingon Bird-of-Prey, which Dukat and Kira Nerys had “commandeered” from the Klingons. He then joined Dukat in fighting a one-ship war against the Klingons, for over a year. Damar was a by-the-book officer, who had little talent at intrigue or subtlety. Damar also harbored a deep dislike for Bajorans, due to his nationalistic tendencies.

Damar would continue to serve as an aide to Dukat during his negotiations for the Cardassian Union’s entry into the Dominion, a move which Damar supported because he thought it would bring back the Union’s old power and glory. He also participated in the assault that captured Deep Space 9 (once again named Terok Nor) at the end of 2373, but was disappointed that the Dominion’s non-aggression pact with Bajor prevented them from retaking it. He then became distrustful of the Jem’Hadar and sent a secret memo to Dukat suggesting that, if they couldn’t get new supplies from the Gamma Quadrant, they should poison the last stocks of ketracel-white. Somehow the memo was lost, and somehow found its way into the hands of the Jem’Hadar, precipitating a fight in Quark’s.

A few days later Damar redeemed himself in the eyes of Dukat, by finding a way to destroy the self-replicating mines that were blocking the Bajoran wormhole. He was promoted to the rank of gul for this. However, while in a bout of drunken camaraderie with Quark, he accidentally let slip the details of the plan to the stations resistance forces. When the Female Changeling came aboard Terok Nor he replaced Odo temporarily as the chief of security, and was responsible for the arrest of Rom for attempting to sabotage the station’s deflector. At the same time he was still telling Quark about the progress of shutting the minefield down. The information managed to get to Starfleet and hurried the launch of Operation Return.

As Federation forces gathered to attack the station, Dukat ordered Damar to get Ziyal to talk to him after they had, had an argument and wouldn’t talk to him. Damar’s efforts didn’t exactly go well, since he already resented her for Dukat’s continued concern, despite her defiant attitude. After Dominion reinforcements disappeared in the wormhole and Allied forces were about to take the station, Damar killed Ziyal after learning that she had betrayed them. Unfortunately, this had the opposite effect with Dukat not wanting to leave his daughter’s body. In the end Damar retreated with the rest of the Dominion forces.

Leader of Cardassia Edit

Following Dukat losing it and then being captured, Damar became the de facto leader of Cardassia with the rank of legate. However, Damar wasn’t able to assert himself with Weyoun, because he didn’t have Dukat’s charisma or military brilliance. As a result he served as little more than a figurehead for Weyoun. A short time after Operation Return, Weyoun forced Damar into engaging in peace talks with the Federation, which was actually a ploy by the Dominion to take the Kabrel system.

His power within the Dominion was further diminished as the war continued, because Weyoun was heaping more of the blame for failures on Damar and the Cardassian people. As a result of this and the Cardassians becoming a subjugated race in their own lands, Daamar turned to Kanar and affairs with women. Then in 2375, Dukat reappeared and had Damar arrange surgery for him so that he could look like a Bajoran. Before he left, Dukat reminded Damar that the man who had fought bravely by his side against the Klingons was still there, and that he could come back.

A few fays later, Damar’s position was made even worse when he was forced to sign a treaty with the Breen Confederacy, which signed over unspecified territories to the Breen. He was further humiliated when Weyoun told him to submit all his tactical suggestions to the Breen officer Thot Gor. When his disgust with himself and hatred of the Dominion reached a boiling point, he decided to take action. He helped Worf and Ezri Dax escape from Cardassia Prime and then began planning a rebellion with his long-time friend, Gul Rusot.

Leader of the Rebellion Edit

With Rusot and a few military advisors, he began planning an attack on the Dominion cloning facility at Rondac III, which Weyoun suspected was to stop the creation of any more Weyoun clones. Their campaign began with the attack and a statement that they planned to free Cardassia from Dominion oppression. After the attack he retreated to one of several rebel bases. He was then replaced as head of the Cardassian Union by legate Broca. Realizing that the Federation was now on his side, he requested their assistance, and Kira Nerys, Elim Garak, and Odo were sent to help. Despite his and his troops misgivings about working with a former member of the Bajoran Resistance, he realized that her advice was valuable and tried to follow it the best he could. In the end this forced him to kill Rusot, who couldn’t come to terms with Kira’s race and nationality.

Despite a handful of early successes, the Rebellion was soon dealt a horrendous blow and Damar, along with his Federation advisors, was trapped on Cardassia Prime and the rest of the resistance was wiped out. Damar was then stuck hiding out in Garak’s childhood home, when he realized that he had become near legendary. After realizing this he used his status to inspire a popular uprising among the Cardassian people, which the Dominion responded to by destroying Lakarian City. In the last days of the war, he was killed while leading an assault on Dominion Headquarters. His final orders were to keep fighting.

Family Edit

He had a wife and one son. Despite his affairs with various women, he still cared about them deeply. When he began the rebellion he sent them into hiding, but they were found and executed by the Dominion. This act further fueled Damar’s determination to defeat the Dominion.

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