Clockwork Droid

The face of a Clockwork Droid.

Clockwork Droids are robots made to perform any repairs or service on starships. They are programmed to service a ship at any cost to them or the crew of the ship.

Features Edit

Clockwork Droids are the size of humans and have white bodies. Their faces are clear plastic and reveals the droid's inerworkings. These droids can also disguise themselves if needed. Clockwork Droids have sort range teleporters on their left wrists so that they may teleport anywhere within a distance. On their right wrists, they can extend cutting tools that they use to remove and install ship parts.

If they are in disguise and don't want to be noticed, they will break all the clocks in the room because they make a ticking sound. This is to not arouse suspicion.

Disguesed Clockwork Droid

A Clockwork Droid in disguise in 17th Century France.

Notable Clockwork Droids Edit

When the SS Madame De Pompadour became damaged and there were no materials to repair the ship, the Clockwork Droids of the ship killed the crew and used their body parts to replace the missing ship parts. They needed one more body part to make the ship completely repaired: a brain.

The droids figured that since the ship was 37 years old, they needed the brian of Madame de Pompadour(who the ship was named after). They modified the ships engines to create great amounts of energy to open time windows to the 17th Century to retrieve her brian. They were stoped by the doctor.

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