Chicago Mobs of the Twenties was a book published in 1992 in New York. It detailed the lives of people in the city of Chicago during the 1920s when standard government broke down and crime families took over. Some of its topics were that one sometimes had to “make hits”and that “if someone argues you lean on them”. It also went into detail on the subjects of mob bosses, gang territories, and small mob groups known as “small-fries”.

It may also have talked about police as Jojo Krako understood the concept of arrests.

In 2167, a copy of the book was left on planet Sigma Iotia II by a crewmember of the starship Horizon. After the Iotians discovered it they immediately began to immitate its contents. The contamination wasn’t discovered by the Federation until 100 years later when the USS Enterprise went to investigate the Horizon's distress call.

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