The Charybdis was an explorer ship launched by NASA in the mid-21st century.

Crew Edit

Mission Edit

The Charybdis was the third manned attempt to leave the Sol system. Its objectives included:

  • survey of deep extra solar environment to distance of 100 AU
  • Interaction of solar magnetic field at heliopause
  • long duration crew habitation
  • electric-fields experiment module adaptability study

Loss of Contact Edit

On February 7, 2038 NASA lost contact with the ship due to a telemetry failure. NASAs official report stated that:

"Vehicle systems at telemetry cutoff indicated thrust abnormality. Vehicle attained 12x solar escape velocity 2.56 hours earlier than planned. Assumed vehicle was lost with consumables run out, 20% possibility of crew survival with hibernation systems at low usage mode D.S. tracking history. Follow up mission Jacob resulted in negative track."

Although NASA didn't know it at the time the ship had been swept out of the system and all the crew of 15 people except for Richey were killed. Richey then awoke in a copy of the Royale hotel. He later determined that an alien force had contaminated the ship and had created the hotel out of regret for killing the crew because they had thought the book from which it came was his guide to life. He continued to live there for the next few decades.

In 2365 a Klingon scans strange debris in orbit of Theta VIII and passed this along to the USS Enterprise-D. When the Enterprise investigated it beamed aboard a piece of the debris which had the NASA logo and a 52 star flag of the United States of America on it. Analysis proved that it was of American origin and further analysis proved that it was from the Charybdis. This was also supported by the remains of Richey on the surface along with his diary.

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