Chamber of Dreams

Barbarella and the Queen in the Chamber.

The Chamber of Dreams was the pinicle of the city of Sogo. It was where the Black Queen slept and she was said to be vunerable when she slept. It room would display the images of her dreams on the walls.

The room was decorated will hanging glass and pussywillows. The Queen's bed was a purple statue of a woman lying with her arms stretched out.
Invisible wall

Trapped by the invisible wall!

The center of the room was protected by an invisible wall that could only be opened by two invisible keys: one the Queen always kept and the other in the hands of the Resistance.

It was said that unless the Queen was by herself, the Magmous would come and devourer her. However, she had a control that when activated released the Magmous upon Sogo and the Labyrinth.

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