Carnosaur is a 1993 horror film starring Diane Ladd as a mad scientist who plans to recreate dinosaurs and destroy humanity. The movie is loosely based on a novel of the same name by Harry Adam Knight that was released in 1984, but the two have little in common. They share only a few scenes, the villain still has the same basic motive, and both contain explicit gore and violence.

The movie grossed $1,753,979 - a success, given its extremely tight budget and very limited theatrical release. It spawned two official Direct-to-Video sequels, and stock footage was recycled from all three films for 2001's Raptor. It is followed by five sequels: Carnosaur 2, Carnosaur 3: Primal Species, Raptor, The Eden Formula and Raptor Ranch.


At the beginning of the film a raptor egg hatches and it gets out of its cage and kills three scientists at Eunice Corporations (eight years before the incident in Raptor). It gets and into the back of a truck leaving the company. The driver, Merl, hears something roaring in the back of his truck and he gets out to see what it was and the raptor jumps out of the truck and sucks the eyes out of his head. Later, Sheriff Fowler and a few deupties along with the doctor investigate the murder scene. Janie Schell the daughter of Eunice Security Guard Lyle Schell sneaks out the be with her friends. Meanwhile 'Doc' Smith is guarding the bobcats and forklifts at the Eunice Dig Site, while a group of kids are messing around with it and he calls the sheriff after he find a girl called Ann 'Trush' hiding in his tractor. He falls asleep and she sneaks off, back to the camp of environmentalits. The professor tricks Lyle into sneaking into T-Rex pen, then it kills him. The kids are driving and are killed by the raptor only one of the is left torn open crawling away, while the others are being torn apart by a baby raptor. The next night her and her friends come back and goes to the diner and the Deinonychus kills T-Dog and Rachel leaving Thrush in shock. Doc goes to the sheriff to tell him what happened and she is attacked by the Deinonychus again and shoots at it with Doc's rifle and scares it off. Doc and Anne find him with deep wounds in his chest, then he dies after he says sometime in Spanish. Doc leaves Thrush at his trailer and he heads over to Eunice and holds the doctor who created the raptors at gun point and shoots one of the eggs. Then her assistant Susan dies when she gives birth to a Deinonychus egg, he takes the serum, and goes to the T-Rex's chamber and shuts the lasers off and it escapes. It chases Doc but he escapes and gets back to his trailer, and injects the serum into Thrush saving her from the virus. 'Slim' Friar in going into a store with chickens, while eating fried chicken, the Deinonychus tears his head off. The sheriff heads to the store where Friar was killed, and he is attacked by the Deinonyuchus and blows it's heart out with a shotgun, the it tears his back open with its claw, then he blows it's head off, then he falls back dead. The soldiers goto the doctors office and kill everyone in their including the doctor and their bodies are burned. The T-Rex kills one of Doc's friends Black Hawk and it is outside his trailer and they get in his bobcats and fight the T-Rex, it tips his over, so he gets in the one with Thrush in it and splits it's stomach, then he knocks the T-Rex over, it dies. They get back into his trailer, where he calls the soldiers in and Thrush dies of the virus, which means the serum doesn't work, Then they shoot Doc and their bodies are burned.

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Gene Siskel gave the film a marginal "thumbs up," while Roger Ebert gave it "thumbs down" on Siskel & Ebert.  

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