The Bubble Creatures (oddly enough, this seems to be the name they use for themselves) are a sapient species of large, globular, non-humanoid beings which were encountered living in a gigantic starship, several times larger than the Jupiter 2.

They appear like amorphous globs and seem to communicate among themselves via electrical discharges which run on their bodies' surfaces, but at least one member has later been shown to be able to speak to Humans (perhaps by telepathy).

A picture of a member of the lost in space race known as the Bubble Creatures.

The internal space of the Creatures' ship is filled with organic components and intricate web-like crystalline structures, and contains technology far more advanced than anything on Earth. The atmosphere and gravity are similar to Earth's own, indicating that the Creatures are likely oxygen breathers and hail from a terrestrial planet.

In their first encounter with the Jupiter 2 crew, no successful communication was established with them, despite Will Robinson's efforts, and the creatures turned hostile after Dr. Smith shot one of them, forcing the crew to depart. Roughly a year later, a member of this species would preside as judge over the multi-species Galactic Tribunal of Justice, in which the Jupiter 2 crew were trialed for their actions aboard the Bubble Creatures' vessel.


  • Lost in Space:
    • Season 1 - "The Derelict" (1965)
    • Season 2 - "The Prisoners of Space" (1966)

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