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Other names: none
Race: Cardassian
Homeworld: Cardassian Union
Universe: Star Trek
Actor: Mel Johnson Jr.

Broca was a Cardassian military officer serving during the 2370s. Following Damar’s defection and establishment of the Cardassian Resistance, he was chosen by Weyoun in 2375 to become the next puppet ruler of the Cardassian Union. He was then promoted from gul to legate.

His position and power in the Dominion was even weaker than that of Damar, and he was forced to blindly follow the orders of Weyoun and the Female Changeling.

After the destruction of Lakarian City and the defection of the Cardassian fleet, he plead with Weyoun and the female Changeling to allow him to talk to the fleet and convince them to remain loyal. Instead Weyoun ordered the Jem’Hadar to execute Broca. His death did provide the Cardassian Resistance with an opportunity to enter the heart of Dominion headquarters. As he was escorted outside and executed, the rebels ambushed the guards and accessed the briefing room, allowing them to capture Weyoun and the Female Changeling.

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