"For the good of the what?"

"The British Empire."

"There isn't a British Empire."

"Not yet."

- Jackie Tyler to Yvonne Hartman

The British Empire was the governing body of several territories and colonies on Earth from the 15th Century and into the 20th Century. It spanned across the Earth as did the Roman Empire and the New Roman Empire.

Rule Edit

During the 19th Century, the Empire was ruled by Queen Victoria who received her coronation in 1837.

Territory Edit

The Empire's territory was made of islands, colonies, and any piece of land belonging to it. The territories were...

Power Edit

By 1878, the Empire became able to travel through space, constructing what became the British Imperial Spacefleet. In 1878, the fleet sent three of its ships to the moon.

Set up in 1879, the Torchwood Institute is an agency whose purpose is to protect the British Empire from otherworldly invaders. It has done so till this day, shooting down any spacecraft that enter the Earth space. They have continued to create technology that is advanced for this time(having Particle Guns when they shouldn't).

Torchwood also created the weapon that destroyed the Sycorax Asteroid Ship on Christmas Day in 2006. One of the Institute's branches, Torchwood One, was run by Yvonne Hartman out of the Torchwood Tower, also called Canary Wharf. She believed that Britain would someday become an Empire once more.

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