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Other names: none
Race: Cardassian
Homeworld: Cardassian Union
Universe: Star Trek
Actor: Jimmie F. Skaggs

Glinn Boheeka was a member of the Cardassian Guard during the Occupation of Bajor and a period of time afterwards. During the Occupation he had dealings with Quark and even became infatuated with one of Quark’s dabo girls, Hartla, and went so far as saying she would have bankrupted him had the Occupation lasted any longer.

In 2370, he was contacted by Quark with what he called an opportunity for him to “earn a little extra latinum”. Quark wanted him to get a piece of Cardassian biotechnology and the plans for its installation for Elim Garak.

When Boheeka entered the requisition code that Quark gave him, he discovered that the technology was classified. Upon this discovery he exclaimed that he was ruined and his career was over. His fear was, unfortunately for him, justified because he thought that the Obsidian Order would find out that he had been attempting to access classified information, upon this realization he and Quark immediately ceased communications.

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