The black guards2

Two Black Guards.

The Black Guards were the soldiers in the service of The Great Tyrant; Their species identified as leather men by the Angel, Pygar.

Background Edit

The Black Guards were a group of Leather Men. Although they served the Black Queen on Lythion, it is unknown if Leather Men are from Lythion. According to the Queen, it was a crime to destroy even one of her Black Guards. They could be destroyed by the simiplest lasers, but were strong forces to reckon with.

Weapons Edit

Whips: For their right hands, the Black Guards had long whips that would make a scream when they were cracked.

Lights: For their left hands, Black Guards had large orbs that flashed lights and made a whine sound.

Net Launchers: For assisting Mark Hand with capturing children in the Iceland Forests of Weir, the Black Guards carried net launchers that looked like hoses; When used, they sounded like horns and fired a large net in a cloud of smoke.

Vehicles Edit

The Black Guards flew large ornithopters, piloted by two guards, referred to as the Black Guard Patrols.