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Other names: none
Race: Cardassian
Homeworld: Cardassian Union
Universe: Star Trek
Actor: Christopher Carroll

Gul Benil was a Cardassian military officer who commanded a Galor-class starship in the TV series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. His ship had been assigned to a patrol route inside Cardassian space when Commander Benjamin Sisko, Odo, and Elim Garak tried to rescue Major Kira Nerys from Cardassia Prime in 2371.

Immediately upon their discovery Sisko used a holo-filter to impersonate a Kobheerian, but when Benil announced that he was going to board the Defiant, Garak shut down the filter and issued an Obsidian Order access code. Once the code was accepted Benil immediately apologized and continued patrolling.

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