Battlefield is an episode of the Seventh Doctor in the British television series Doctor Who. This episode features the return of Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. A recurring actress of Doctor Who, Jean Marsh appears in this episode as Morgaine.

Plot Edit

Cast Edit

Production Edit

Setting Edit

  • Time: A few years after 1989
  • Location: Earth

Continuity Edit

  • Morgaine spoke of how she could always beat the Doctor at chess. Two episodes earlier, in Silver Nemesis, the Doctor won a game of chess against an unknown opponent, presummeably Fenric, another dimensional socceror like Morgaine.
  • Bessie is once again used by the Doctor.

Quotes Edit

  • Morgaine: (Making contact with the Doctor,) Merlin...hear me.
  • The Doctor: I hear you.
  • Morgaine: Do not stand in my way this time...for your soul's sake.
  • The Doctor: I cannot allow your interferience.
  • Morgaine: Then, Merlin, let this be our last battlefield.

  • The Doctor: I'd just like to say three things.
  • Bambera: What?
  • The Doctor: Yeti, Autons, Daleks. Cybermen and Silurians.
  • Ace: That was five things.
  • The Doctor: She didn't even notice.

  • Morgaine: What can you see?
  • Mordred: A flying machine. 'Tis like an ornithopter but with whirling blades for wings.
  • Morgaine: The people of this world are obsessed with machinery.
  • Mordred: It would seem so.
  • Morgaine: Well then. Let us teach them the limitations of their technologies.

(She raises her hand and Lethbride-Stewart's helecopter malfunctions.)

  • Mordred: 'Tis a those fallen in battle.
  • Morgaine: Ah. They are not the savages you lead us to believe. We fought on their soil without proper respect for the dead!
  • Mordred: Mother, I...
  • Morgaine: You have dishonored us, Mordred. What is victory without honor?

  • Morgaine: Give me what in mine by right of conquest. Give me Excalibur.
  • Ace: Never.
  • Morgaine: Then you will be given over to the Destroyer and become his handmaidens in Hell.

Pictures Edit

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