Cylon Basestars

A group of three Cylon Basestars.

Cylon hangar

A hangar for Raiders inside the Basestar.

"Wait...Oh Gods. Get out of here! Pull up! It's a Cylon Basestar!"

A Basestar, also known as a baseship, is a large capital ship of the Cylon Empire that is an equal to any Colonial Battlestar. They are designed to be both carriers and warships and are commanded either by IL Series Droid or Cylon Commanders.

Basestars are armed with over one hundred laser turrents, missiles, and two mega pulsar weapons. They can bee seen travelling in groups of three and each holds over 300 Cylon Raiders organized into four squadrons.

New Basestar

A new Basestar.

Baseship Control Room

The command center of the new Basestar.