Audrey II
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Race: unknown
Homeworld: unknown
Universe: Little Shop of Horrors
Actor: voiced by Levi Stubbs
"I'm a mean, green mother from outerspace and I'm bad!"
―Audrey II

Audrey II was the talking, alien plant that traveled to Earth from an unknown planet and, using Seymour Krelborn, attempted to grow and eat the human race, before he was stopped by Seymour.

Arrival on Earth Edit

When an unexpected solar eclipse occurred on Earth, a green light was seen to shoot out of the eclipse, that light being Audrey II. When looking for strange and unusual plants, Seymour found the small Audrey II. He bought the plant and named it Audrey II after his crush, Audrey. The plant became a huge attraction at Mushnik's Skid Row Florist Shop where he worked.

Audrey II would not grow for Seymour, however, because the plant kept receiving sun light and plant food. When Seymour cut his thumb, blood dripped out and Seymour observed the plant reached for the blood. He gave the plant his blood and it grew for him. Unknown to anyone else, the plant could talk to Seymour and had him feed him meat, and even the chopped up remains of a dentist.

The end of Audrey II Edit

Seymour eventually discovered Audrey II's true intent for coming to Earth: the plant would spread across the planet, eating every human in sight until he grew and produced more plants, and eventually they would eat the world.

Audrey II was destroyed by Seymour electrocuting him and causing him to explode.

(But only in the movie. In the play Audrey II's plan carries out after he eats Audrey and Seymour and eventually the entire planet.)

The end? Edit

In the end, another plant is on Earth, but it is unknown whether it is a piece of Audrey II or a new plant that reached the Earth.(Little Shop of Horrors)