Atlantis rests on the oceans of Lantea

Atlantis, also called the Lost City of the Ancients and the City of the Ancestors, Atlantus in Ancient, is a city-ship built by the Ancients several million years ago, and has approximately the same internal space as found in Manhattan. the first atlantis was destroyed by an evil race. The Ancients left our galaxy several million years ago for the Pegasus galaxy, taking the second Atlantis with them, and settled on a planet they named Lantea.

Millions of years later, after the Lanteans — the name the Ancients came to be known by — submerged the city to protect it from their enemies, the Wraith, and returned to Earth through the Stargate. Their story, over time, inspired the Tau'ri myth of Atlantis.

Atlantis remained submerged until 2004 when it was re-discovered by the SGC. With the city's discovery, the Atlantis Expedition took control of the city. In 2009, as a last ditch effort to stop a ZPM powered Hive Ship from attacking Earth, Atlantis left the Pegasus galaxy. Now, after several million years, Atlantis is back to where she began, on Earth.


in the Milky Way Edit

Atlantis, the city-ship itself, was first located on Earth several million years ago in what came to be known as Antarctica. It is possible that this city existed on Earth for millions of years before it left for the Pegasus Galaxy. Dr. Daniel Jackson determined the

Atlantis on Earth

Stargate address of the city-ship by studying the records left behind at the Antarctic Outpost and concluded that the Ancients left five to ten million years ago. Most of the history of Atlantis during the time it was on Earth those million of years ago is unknown

In the Pegasus Galaxy Edit

Once the Ancients settled their ship on a planet they called Lantea, their history becomes more known. Just like how they started their time in the Milky Way, the Ancients built a network of Stargates, these being more modern looking but functioning basically the same. The large difference between the two networks is that the Stargate in Atlantis is the only one in the Pegasus Galaxy that has a special dialing crystal that permits the Stargate to connect to a Stargate in another galaxy (specifically, to Earth).

At first, the Ancients assumed there to be no life in the Pegasus Galaxy, so they seeded the galaxy with new life. Humans started occupying the various planets within the Stargate network. But, a problem arose: some of the humans were fed upon by an insect-arachnid-type life form later known as the Iratus Bug, and over time, the human DNA and the iratus DNA blended, evolving into a

Wraith Queen

new species called the Wraith. The Wraith appear humanoid, but they retain their iratus tendencies of requiring humans as their food source. The Wraith, in effect, became predators and humanity, their prey.

The language of the Wraith is derived from the Ancients' own language and their technology is extremely advanced, but has some limitations, the primary weakness being that they don't have intergalactic hyperdrive technology. Their technology is organically-based, which also contributes to its weaknesses, but at the same time allows their starships to repair themselves. The Wraith grew in number by cloning their warriors, and eventually, the human worlds fell until only Lantia remained. The Wraith laid siege to the city, but even the advanced Ancient technology was no match for the relentless onslaught. The High Council, led by Moros, decided to sink the city into the ocean to lessen the intensity of the Wraith's weapons, but even with this tactic, the people in the city were the last survivors. The Council decided to abandon the city with the hope that they or their kind would return. Those who returned to Earth either blended into the primitive societies or ascended to a higher plane of existence as beings of pure energy (called Ascended Beings).

Technology Edit

Atlantis is a technological marvel. Its size is comparable to that of Manhattan, making its full exploration difficult and time-consuming. Even so, the Expedition has discovered various labs and technology left behind by the Ancients, one of the most prized of these discoveries being the Ancient Database. Researchers have only begun to retrieve useful and understandable information from it. Whenever information is discovered, it is packaged for use by the SGC. Information as to the physiology of Ancient humans was one such package sent, as well as the layout of the city-ship itself, and the manifest of those who left the city 10,000 years ago.

Up to the time that Daniel made his first trip to Atlantis, just over half of the city had been explored. The Expedition has city schematics, so they have a fairly good idea of what's where, but there still remains entire sections of the city and whole systems that they don't even pretend to understand.


The Pegasus stargate is more modern than the Milky Way modell,and has 36 symbols instead of 39.

The Atlantis-gateis equipped with a protective shield,much like the SGC's iris.

The gate in Atlantis is also the only gate in Pegasus that can reach the Milky Way


Atlantis's main energy supply are ZPMs, which are stored in a special room. To gain access to all of the technology and features of Atlantis, three are needed, however in cases of emergency, one can perform the most important tasks. The city also possesses several solar-powered generators, however they don't provide much energy in proportion to the massive amounts required to operate any useful technology in the city. In one extreme instance, lightning strikes from a massive storm were used to briefly power the shield in order to save it from a Tsunami. A more effective method of alternatively powering Atlantis comes in the form of a geological drilling station located on the sea floor of Lantea. This station was built by the Ancients and utilized by the Atlantis expedition when they left Lantea.


The shield is a massive dome that completely encompassed the city when activated. It protects the city from anything ranging from orbital bombardment, to the weight of an entire ocean, to a tsunami, to coronal mass ejections, to falling space debris. The shield can cover the city like a skin to prevent the ocean from crashing inside when the city is submerged, or to prevent air evacuation when traveling through space. Also, the shield can be expanded when necessary to protect nearly an entire planet, or contracted to save power. After some modifications made by Rodney McKay, the shield can also be used to cloak the city.


The stardrive on Atlantis enables the city to travel to distant planets, or even galaxies, in only a few days and is incredibly powerful. It is designed to operate with 3 ZPMs, but can be powered by 1 if the situation calls for it, and if other power sources are used as well, the geological drilling platform for example. The most power is used in getting Atlantis off the surface, after this a single ZPM is able to power the city and open a hyperspace window.

Wormhole driveEdit

The wormhole drive is an experimental drive that was designed by the Ancients but was abandoned due to the immense power requirements as well as of how dangerous and unstable it was. Atlantis used this drive to reach Earth in mere seconds after its hyperdrive failed at the edge of the Milky Way.

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