Anne Droid

Anne Droid

"The android... the Anne-Droid"

- Rose

Anne Droid was a robot based after Anne Robinson, who hosted "The Weakest Link". Anne Droid, onboard Satellite Five, hosted a deadly version of "The Weakest Link", where the weakest link was suposedly killed by her(in reality, they were teleported to a Dalek Flying Saucer).

Because the Anne Droid could kill, no one dared provoke the Anne Droid. Contestants did what the Anne Droid said and the droid's word was law.

When the Daleks invaded the station, Captain Jack Harkness used her as a defense on Floor 495. There she teleported three Daleks to an unknown location. Before she could teleport a fourth Dalek, it blew her head off.

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