The Andronicans are a spacefaring race of humanoids with bushy eyebrows and dense black hair covering their bodies, including hands and fingers. They have the custom of luring members of other species into being made king of their planet, without revealing the fact that the main function of the King of Andronica is to be sacrificed during a festive religious ritual.

A picture of a Andronican male in the mid 21st century.

As the Andronicans place enormous value in usefulness and hard-working, they will usually select the laziest, most useless of beings to be made king and sacrificed. Despite their crude appearance and primitive rituals, they are an extremely advanced species, capable of creating highly realistic androids in a matter of minutes. They claim to have traveled 90 light-years before reaching the planet Priplanus.


  • Lost in Space - S01E24 - "His Majesty Smith"

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