Type: blue-skinned humanoids
Civilization Classification: Type II - Influence over multiple star systems.


Andorian Empire
United Federation of Planets
Homeworld: Andoria
Universe: Star Trek

Physiology Edit

Andorians normally have blue skin with white hair and anntennae sticking out of their heads. Due to their homeworld (Andoria) being cold they are vulnerable to high temperatures. They are also vulnerable to phase pistol fire, making a minor hit possibly fatal. There is a second race on Andoria, known as the Aenar that looks much like the Andorians but are blind and white skinned.

Militaristic tendencies Edit

The Andorians were a militaristic race in which service in the Andorian Imperial Guard was considereed extremely honorable and military rank had a big affect on social status.

Government Edit

The Government of the Andorians is the Andorian Empire. The Empire was a parliamentary democracy with a chancellor at its head. Their military force is the Andorian Imperial Guard.

Contact With Vulcan Edit

The Vulcans and Andorians had been in conflict with each other since a short time after first contact was made. After joining the United Federation of Planets the conflict still existed but was tuned down.

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