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Aman Evek
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Other names: none
Race: Cardassian
Homeworld: Cardassian Union
Universe: Star Trek
Actor: Richard Poe

Gul Aman Evek was the commander of the Galor-class starship Vetar in the Cardassian Fourth Order. In 2370 he was assigned as overseer of Cardassian affairs in the Demilitarized Zone.

One of his first duties as overseer was to oversee the transfer of the Federation colony on Dorvan V to Cardassian control. While attempting to accomplish this he arrived several weeks earlier than expected, while Starfleet was still evacuating. Evek’s troops presence was extremely provocative and ended in a firefight with the colonists. He ordered the withdrawal of his troops so that the peace treaty with the Federation could be maintained. Evek then told Captain Jean-Luc Picard (who was leading the Starfleet forces) that he had lost two of his three sons in the Federation-Cardassian War. In order to maintain the peace he also agreed to allow Federation colonists to keep their homes, but under Cardassian rule.

Evek was also contacted by Miles O’Brien aboard Deep Space 9, who was trying to find a way to get rid of the Cardassian voles, that had infested the station. Evek’s reply was that a Federation withdrawal from Bajor would solve their vole problems.

At the beginning of the Maquis uprising against their Cardassian rulers, Evek was responsible for the capture of William Samuels, who was responsible for the destruction of the freighter Bok’Nor near Deep Space 9. He then used the information gained from Samuels interrogation to accuse the leaders of the Federation colony on Volan III of plotting with Starfleet to arm the colonists against the Cardassians. At the same time Cardassian Central Command was arming its own colonists.

In 2370, the USS Enterprise-D rescued Evek and his crew from attack by several Maquis ships. Evek and Picard then exchanged words, which essentially accused each other of not doing enough to stop the skirmishes in the Demilitarized Zone.

Several months later Evek arrested Miles O’Brien on the charge of sedition against the Cardassian Union, for secretly transporting a shipment of photon torpedoes aboard his runabout. Evek then testified at O’Brien’s trial saying that the torpedoes were destined for the Maquis and was further evidence that the Federation was plotting against the Union by arming the rebels. In reality the torpedoes had been planted there by Evek’s men to discredit the Federation.

In 2371, while in command of the Vetar, he pursued the Maquis raider Val Jean into the Badlands. While in the Badlands the Vetar was hit by a plasma storm and disabled.

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