Alex Hopkins was the leader of Torchwood 3 in 1999. On New Year’s Eve of that year he killed all Torchwood 3 personnel except for Jack Harkness, who he wished to kill but Harkness couldn’t die. Before shooting himself he made Jack the leader of Torchwood 3. Then there was Tazzmarie sweet little thirteen girl (who also could not die) left early that day when Alex Hopkins was about to killed all the personnel.

Now to get in to Tazzmarie’s story. Tazzmarie was a sweet thirteen little girl, It was said that she could regenerate to any age she wanted and could never die.It  was also said that she was a descendent from wolfs. after the murder Alex Hopkins had made, it was said that Tazzmarie was running in the woods one full moon and got shot in a hunting accident. the people had left her there bleeding on the ground, when she regenerated something had went wrong and she turned herself into a newborn baby. awhile after a woman on a hiking trail heard the baby crying and found her it so happened that the woman was a nurse and took the baby to a hospital near by in Brooklyn. when a girl having a baby came in  2001 the woman helped her give birth but thought it was a good idea to switch the babys. so now a sweet girl is out there not knowing what she really is, living a false life and is probably the only one of her kind. If she so happens to be reading the I wish you the best of luck Tazzmarie.

jack harkness story. Not much is known about the dashing, openly bisexual/omnisexual Captain Jack Harkness’ early life. Even the name Jack Harkness is fake. He was born in the 51st century and lived in the Boeshane peninsula (it is never made clear if the Boeshane peninsula is the specific name of a geographic region or a planet). His father’s name was Franklin and he had a younger brother named Gray. His father was probably killed and his brother captured during some sort of alien raid. Some of this may be false memory planted by an alien entity, but to what extent is unknown.



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