From left to right: Agent Brown, Agent Smith, and Agent Jones.

The Agents were powerful programs of the Matrix in the Matrix film series, unlike any other program ever created by the Machines.

Purpose Edit

When the Machines realized that the rebels of Zion could enter the Matrix, they needed protection: something to stop the rebels from unpluging humans from the Matrix and reveiling the truth about it. This lead to the creation of the Agent programs, who were programed to destroy anyone or anything that could be hazardous to the secret of the Matrix.

Powers Edit

The Agents were programed with exceptional powers that no other program in the Matrix were capable of.

Powers which included...

  • taking control of any human pluged into the Matrix. If they are shot, the human is dead but not the program.
  • dodging bullets
  • karate
  • super strength

When the original Agents were replaced, the new upgraded Agents were stronger and better fighters.

The First Agents Edit

The first Agent programs consited of...

The Second Agents Edit

Upgraded Agents

From left to right: Upgraded Agents Jackson, Johnson, and Thompson.

After the program Smith was destroyed, Agents Brown and Jones were deleted and replaced by upgraded agents...

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