The Aenar are a subspecies of the Andorians, who were long considered to be a myth by the Andorians.

Physiology Edit

The Aenar are physically similar to Andorians, except that they are white skinned and haired. They are also blind and are telepathic.

Society Edit

They lived in an underground compound in northern Andoria. They have no actual leader but will appoint someone to deal with situations when necessary. They also have a strict law against reading peoples minds without asking permission first.

Interplanetary Affairs Edit

Since their discovery by the Andorians the Andorian chancellor has maintained diplomatic relations with them.

Interstellar Affairs Edit

Their only involvement in interstellar affairs was when one of their countrymen was kidnapped by the Romulan Star Empire and used him to control a Romulan drone ship.

Sources Edit

Episodes Edit

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