The year 2526 is the two-thousandth, five hundredth, and twenty-sixth year of the Common Era. 

Sci-fi set in 2526Edit

Doctor WhoEdit

Unknown Date: A conference is held on Earth. An alliance is formed between many interstellar governments in order to have a military force to use against the Cybermen.



  • 7th: The Covenant Empire glass the planet Bliss.


  • 1st: The second battle of Harvest begins.
  • 10th: The WINTER CONTINGENCY is put into UNSC military code.


  • 26th: The battle of Circinius IV begins.
  • 26-27th: Nearly all residents of Circinius IV are killed including members Hastati Squad such as Chyler Silva.
  • 27th: The battle of Circinius IV end, with a Covenant victory.


  • 21st: The battle of Alpha Aurigae takes place.

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