Sci-Fi set in 2063Edit

  • In Star Trek chronology, the starship USS Enterprise accidentally travels a little over 300 years into the past to April 4, 2063, while in pursuit of the Borg Queen spaceship. The crew of the Enterprise visit the US state of Montana on Earth to witness the historical events of the next day on April 5.
  • On April 5th Zefram Cochrane's ship, the Phoenix, experiences her first launch, that also being the first human warp flight.
  • The events of the CD-i video game Burn:Cycle take place on July 25 and July 26 of 2063. Sol cutter a Computer Hacker and professional Data thief using a kind of Brain–computer interface known as a "Neural interface", gets infected with a Computer virus that will kill him in 2 hours unless the game player can prevent it. If the game player succeeds the virus gets deactivated and Sol Cutter's mind then goes into a woman's body and survives his old body being destroyed. on the following morning of July 26. Not much is known about Sol cutter's world but they have flying cars that use cold fusion technology. They also have orbital colonies for Space tourists. as far as space exploration goes, there was microscopic bacterial life that could eat hydro carbons that were discovered on Titan or another moon of Saturn and the Australian press/media named this bacterial life Tribbles by their media after the famous fictional creature from Star Trek lore.

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